Performing Arts

School Production

Each year HGHS and HBHS combine to put on a major production. It is the main time that the two schools get together on a major project. The responsibilities for the production alternate yearly between the schools as does the choice of production. In the past, it has been mainly a Shakespeare followed by a musical, but recently this has been more flexible.  

In 2017, led by HBHS, HBHS and HGHS performed, for the first time in New Zealand, "Dracula, the Musical" written by Frank Wildhorn, Don Black (OBE) and Christopher Hampton. It was met with rave reviews by all who saw it and who were dazzled by the absolute professionalism and polish of our musicians, artists, actors, singers and dancers. This truly stunning show played to sold-out audiences and we can only get bigger and better from here. In 2019, the production will be "War of the Worlds" and will run from 18 to 25 May at the HBHS Hall.

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Theatre Sports

The school theatre-sports enthusiasts are coached by our Teacher in Charge of Drama teacher Mr Ashton. The sport has a dedicated group who practice several times a week and enter local and national competitions in order to test their abilities. Theatre-sports is becoming very popular, with drama classes now offered at Hamilton Boys' High School from Year 9-13.

As well as competing in the Waikato Championship and the Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Competition, we also compete as part of the Super Eight Arts Festival each year.

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Kapa Haka

Kapa Haka is a very popular Maori performing arts tradition. It enhances the wairua (spirit) and encompasses a holistic learning approach. All levels of development of the body, mind, spiritual and social are encouraged through the art. Kapa Haka is now recognised as a worthy qualification and depending on the numbers, students can gain credits through this medium.

HBHS combines with HGHS to provide a full Kapa Haka ropu. Students enjoy Kapa Haka on both a competitive and non-competitive level and many attend to enjoy positive interaction with others, establishing friendships and gaining valuable skills.

The Kapa Haka team always welcomes new members to the group. It is an activity which runs all year at the school.

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