HBHS aims to give students access to a wide range of activities and sports alongside a quality academic education, so the Music Department is a critical part of the school's culture. Each year a School Prefect assumes responsibility for the promotion of music and performing arts in the school, and also helps with the organisation of events within the music department.

HBHS has a large music department which employs two classroom teachers and six itinerant music teachers. Free lessons are available to students, and presently many are taking up the opportunity to learn Wind, Brass, Guitar, Strings, Voice and Percussion. The Music Department is also equipped with a fully functional recording studio, which is available for hire, and which our own students take advantage of in order to record their own music. Groups in the Music Department include a Jazz Band, School Orchestra, several small chamber groups, the Gypsy Pickers (Latin and Flamingo Guitar) and a large number of Rock Bands which compete in the Rock Quest each year.

The Hamilton Community Music School has also made HBHS its home. Every Saturday morning the school is alive with the sounds of hundreds of people from around the region participating in music lessons. Add to this the ten or so sports games going on around the fields and it really is a "mini-city" all on its own on Saturday mornings.
The Music Department has visited Vanuatu, Noumea, Fiji and Hawaii in recent years. The Midwinter Music Festival takes place every year allowing various groups to showcase their talents to the wider school community. The school also runs rock concerts every year to give the school rock bands experience in live situations.

Jazz Band

The Jazz Band practices regularly, with a wide range of students and instruments involved. The 'Big Jazz Express' as they are know in a big band format, and features many vocal numbers in concert. The Jazz Band plays for the school at assemblies, open day, and school prizegivings. The group also goes on a tour each year in order to represent HBHS and to give students an opportunity to see new sites (and cultures) and to expand their musical talents. The Jazz Band is, at present, one of the most prominent of all the school Music Groups and because of the hard work of Mr. A Botting has grown to exceptional standards over the past 8 years.


Mr Adrian Botting conducts the School Orchestra which involves around 25 students. The Orchestra practices regularly with a wide range of students, talents and instruments involved. Some of the instruments include trumpets, trombones, clarinets, violin, viola, cello, drums, percussion, bass and piano. The Orchestra plays for the school at special assemblies, open day, and school prize giving among other occasions.

The Gypsy Pickers

The Gypsy Pickers is the school Guitar ensemble, with a latin flamenco flavour. They have toured extensively throughout the Pacific.


For enquiries about musical groups at the school please contact

Mr Adrian Botting Director of Music Tel: (07) 853 0440 ext 2097 Email: